Some Beauty Foods from an A-List Makeup Artist

Some Beauty Foods from an A-List Makeup Artist
Everyone wants a beautiful skin! However, how do you get this right in making sure your skin stays healthy and glowing? Luckily for you, there are solutions and it’s available in the latest book Eat Beautiful written by the A-List Makeup Artist Wendy Rowe now available online. When reading the book you start wondering that Wendy Rowe being a make-up artist would magically make your skin healthy with cleansing and make-up tricks. No, she realized something different that is the main factor in making your skin glow and that’s through following a healthy diet. With more than 20-years of practice in the make-up industry, she dealt with some tough celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson. She admitted, “If you truly want to look your best in keeping your skin healthy, you need to give your body balance by eating certain foods.” According to her, the best foods are organic and related to the season. Her books based on all the information she has gathered over the years while traveling. On these trips, she discovered that certain nutrients could do wonders for your skin. Wendy says there are five specific foods that you should eat to make your skin soft and glowing. Let us look at these wonder superfoods and see what they can do for you.
  1.      The inside moisturizer in Avocado
One may think why avocados as they consist of fat, however, over the years they have become very popular. You must agree they’re just delicious! The AVO is now hailed as a healthy fat that helps to prevent weight gain and beneficial to your health. With research done in the past, they have proven that following a Mediterranean diet with high fat actually helps you to lose weight. Furthermore, what do the Mediterranean’s love their avocado! Not only is the AVO great for your waistline but they’re great for your skin. The reason is that it contains monounsaturated fatty acids that work simultaneously with your skin to protect it from ultraviolet damage. The avocado helps to alleviate all the symptoms caused by inflammation and helps promote the skin’s elasticity. So enjoy your avocado by itself or in a delicious salad.
  1.      Keep your body hydrated with Courgette
According to Wendy, the courgette is high in water and very low in calories that are perfect for you any time of the year. Not only does it keep your body hydrated it is great for your skin. It contains important nutrients to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Your skin needs vitamins, A, B and a complex of C to help fight off inflammation to protect your skin against aging from within.
  1.      The internal cleanser for your Body Cucumber
Another great superfood that is high in water is the cucumber. Not only does it keep your body hydrated but is great for your digestive system. This internal cleanser is great to soothe your skin when you’re sunburned. The skin itself consists of silica known to help with the production of collagen. This helps to keep your skin structure healthy and provides it with elasticity. So go ahead and enjoy your cucumber for keeping your body hydrated, your skin healthy, and place them on your eyes for the puffiness! It also has vitamin C, contains caffeic acid that helps relieve fluid retention, and tightens the skin.
  1.      A great anti-ageing treat Dark Chocolate
Who said we cannot enjoy some chocolate and it’s healthy. Who would have thought that this delicious treat is good for your skin? Enjoy your sweet treat without feeling guilty as its rich in nutrients and protects your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Another great thing about dark chocolate is that it helps to repair your skin and makes it firm. It is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation in your body. It fights the main skin condition Rosacea and Eczema - but do not eat those cheap sweet ones it must be the original dark chocolate.
  1.      Edible water for a healthy skin Watermelon
One of the main ingredients your body needs is water and in Wendy’s book, she advises how important it is to consume enough water. Not only by drinking the water but eating it as well. One fruit that has a high content of water is watermelon as it makes up 93% of the fruit. A watermelon packed with vitamin A & C that gives your skin what’s important to keep its youthful glow. Even the seeds are packed with nutrition as it contains fatty acid and important oxidants to keep the skin hydrated. So eat those seeds they are great if you suffer from acne. As you can see, Wendy has provided some great information to keep your skin looking healthy and great. All these wonderful foods are healthy for your skin and you can even enjoy your delicious dark chocolate treat without feeling guilty. Feel free to check out her book for some other interesting foods to eat creating a healthier lifestyle.