Fitness and maintenance of health is not just about working out or hitting the gym for two hours in a day! Working out or starving yourself might help you lose weight to a certain extent, but that is not healthy. Why, you end up doing more than harm than good. That is precisely why you need to start eating healthy from today itself. Every day your body needs different nutrients in fixed proportions to keep the body functioning properly. You must include healthy food items in your daily diet. Take a look at some of the food items you need to start consuming today. Some Healthy Food Items You Didn't Know About We all know about the daily food items that guarantee good health. But did you know about the healthy food products like avocado or barley which most are not even aware of? Well, you could add these food items below to your balanced diet and watch them do wonders for your body 1) Reduce Cholesterol with Barley We've all heard about how oatmeal helps to a great extent in reducing cholesterol levels in your blood. But did you know that barley is really good for your heart? It has soluble fiber, which helps you in keeping your cholesterol under check. And the best part is, you can have barley anytime with anything. It is really flexible that way! You can easily prepare a barley salad with fresh herbs and a bit of olive oil. Or you can have it in the morning with milk and honey, or add it to your soups during lunch. 2) The Magic Fruit, Avocado Even today, most people are unaware of the benefits of avocado. Do you absolutely love cheese and gorge on cheesy products almost everyday? Do you know how bad that is for your heart? You need to keep your fat level and cholesterol level in check. Switch over to avocado in your diet. It tastes really good, and at the same time helps you stay healthy. Instead of applying a thick layer of mayonnaise on your sandwich, why not try avocado instead? Or instead of fried food or junk food items, you can come up with a light guacamole snack with all sorts of healthy ingredients like crackers and vegetables. 3) A Sweet Way to Stay Healthy with Strawberries When it comes to fitness food habits, one wouldn't even think of strawberries. After all, they're one of the sweetest and most exotic fruits available in the market! But think again, because science has proven that this beautiful and delicious fruit is more than just a dessert delicacy. A woman in her middle age is likely to be overweight, have high cholesterol and greater risk of heart disease. If you eat strawberries for at least three days in a week, you will significantly be reducing your blood cholesterol level and increase your longevity. 4) Probiotics to Improve Your Gut Health Many women suffer from digestion related issues. But consuming live microorganisms, which occur naturally in your gut, could have a massive impact on your digestive system, regulating it and improving the health of your digestive organs. Try to include large quantities of fermented food items like yogurt, they will enhance your overall body health and are also good for your skin. Did you know about these unusual healthy food items? You didn't, did you? These are a tasty yet healthy way to keep yourself fit. So why not head to the market today, and buy a bunch of avocados or strawberries for breakfast tomorrow?