In today’s world, people are very particular about their health and fitness. They keep on trying different methods like, yoga and gym to keep them steady. Women are more particular about their health and fitness, especially in the USA. Women are the ones who have to look after almost everything – starting from households to kids to keeping pace in their work field. For maintaining so many things single handed, they have to keep them healthy throughout the year. But the main problem arises during the summer season when there is a general tendency for you to become tired easily. During the summer season, it is necessary to wear proper clothes to remain comfortable and proper summer workout gear which can be a helping hand during your workout. So let’s have a quick look at some of the summer workout gear and clothes to keep you motivated and cool all summer long: Top Wear: Top wear ought to be such in which you are comfortable. Take a stab at wearing light shading and cotton garments to stay comfortable. Maintain a strategic distance from nylon, loose and excessively thin garments so you don't feel suffocated or uncomfortable while doing your activities. A sleeveless cross section top, made of breathable material can be worn which will keep you cool through the most sizzling of workouts. On the off chance that you need a little scope, you can select a transient shirt made of light fabric which will keep you agreeable. Bottom Wear: Apart from your top wear, you must even pay attention to your bottom wear. The bottom wear should neither be too skinny nor a baggy type. Like the top wear, even the bottom wear should be of light fabric. You can go for mesh shorts, yoga pants and capris which are comfortable and can be worn during workouts. Accessories: While doing the workout, you require appropriate embellishments with the goal that you can utilize them in the middle of your workouts. During the summer season, you ought to keep a towel, water bottles, hair groups (to give you hairs a tidy look), and a sack where you can convey the vital things. By and large, after workouts you tend to sweat a considerable measure, so a towel ought to dependably arrive with you. At least two water containers ought to be conveyed with the goal that you don't have to stress over the accessibility of water when you go for your workouts. All things considered, in summer, it is prudent to allow a noteworthy amount of water. Intake of an adequate amount of water will keep you fresh and healthy.