Stay Fit Post 40
30 is the new 20. So, would that imply, 40 is the new 30? Of course, it will, especially, when you have a proper fitness routine at your disposal. 5 essential tips to maintain fitness after 40 - 1. Yoga Yoga is one of the foremost ways of maintaining fitness. Yoga not only helps to lose weight but also to reduce stress and fatigue which are two common factors gnawing at our very existence this 21st century. Spare about half an hour from your schedule and devote it behind Yoga. It's sure to answer back in the positive. 2. A Healthy Diet Following a healthy diet is an absolute necessity. Excess oil causes harm to members of all age groups, let alone those above 40. Junk food is advised to be kept away other than rare occasions. Diet should include lots of fruits and vegetables. However, different types of fruits and vegetables have different constituents and not all are suitable for everyone. Know your body; know what is going to end up at the beneficial corner for you. Almonds are proved to reduce blood sugar level. However, too much of almond in take will cause weight gain. Add about 3-4 almonds in your breakfast meal and feel the difference! Many women suffer from low bone density and low calcium count. A glass of milk, for them, will save the day! However, to ensure that the glass of milk is functioning properly, it is advised to take food, rich in calcium like guava, capsicum etc. 3. Walk Short Distances Sloth tends to engulf a woman in her 40s. Shoo it away and hit the 'dynamic' button. A distance of a kilometre or two? Walk it off. Don't go for an auto or rickshaw. Let your legs do the wonder. Walking helps to strike a balance in our blood circulation. Our bones are like machines. Machines need oiling. Walking does that job for your legs. Diseases like Arthritis pounce upon women at the wee of their middle age. Regular walking ensures the healthy functioning of the legs and reduces the chances of arthritis. So, just let your feet on the ground! 4. Water Is Life Drink adequate amount of water. 80% of your body is made up of water. Water helps to remove toxin from your body and saves you from several harmful effects that toxin and waste might inflict upon your body. Water works as a drainage system to keep your body clean, pure, and free from any sort of waste. 5. Cardio and Weight Training Cardio exercises like skipping, jogging, running not only helps you to keep your weight in the check but also in a balanced pumping of the heart. But Firstly, you need to evaluate your fitness level and determine your goal. Those who are blessed with a lean and healthy structure might not go for thorough weight training but for light free hand exercise to stay fit and fine. You need to be consistent with your routine. As your joints fall prey under age-rusting, keep on exercising to keep it away. This age makes you more vulnerable to injury. Cross trainers, cycles, treadmills are your best friends at this age. If you want to go for weightlifting, it is advisable to check with a well qualified expert, otherwise, you will be suffering from muscle cramps and other health hazards. A regular medical check up is an absolutely mandatory aspect as you step into your 40s. Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure starts to spread their germs in your body. Don't let them get the better of you! Don't let the 40s make you feel old. Let not age run behind you, run along with it and defeat it! Self consciousness is a matter of self-love and mind you, it's not narcissism. Love yourself and stay fit- age gracefully and healthily!