It is very necessary to practice yoga in order to stay fit and healthy. Not only the corporeal development, yoga will also help you to develop your mind and soul. By practicing yoga you can easily modify your patience, develop your character and become an idea man. When you are planning to practice yoga, here are some necessary benefits which you have to know. Develop your flexibility The first and primary benefit of yoga is to develop your physical flexibility. When you are first attending the yoga class, you may not touch your toes or cannot perform a backbend. If you effort more, you will see in your own eyes that the muscles are loosening gradually. As a result, you will surely make the impossible task possible easily. Again, you will feel that the pains and aches are disappearing slowly. It is not a coincidence. Tight hips may strain your knee joint because of unfitting alignment of your shinbones and thigh. The tight hamstrings can lead to the annihilation of the lumbar spine. It can surely create back pain. Muscle and tissue inflexibility, like ligaments and fascia, can make poor posture. Modify the posture Men’s head is round, heavy and big; just like the bowling ball. When the pressure of the brain falls on the spine, it takes less work for the back muscle and the neck to assist it. You have to move some inches forward and thus, you can initiate to strain the muscles. To carry this big bowling ball for the duration of eight to twelve hours in a day is a tough task. A fatigue will surely come. Poor posture may cause neck, joint, back and other muscle problems. When you will fall, the body can recompense by pulling down the natural inward curves in the lower back and neck. It may create degenerative arthritis and ache to your spine. Helps to stop joint and cartilage breakdown Every time you have practiced yoga, you can take the joints through full range of motion. It may help to mitigate disability or degenerative arthritis by the process of ‘soaking and squeezing’ portions of the cartilage which is not basically used. Joint cartilage is just like a sponge. It gets fresh nutrition just when the fluid is cuddled out and another fresh supply will soak up. Apart from the accurate sustenance, poor areas of the cartilage may truly wear out by expressing the fundamental bone looked brake pads. The protection of spine Spinal disks are the shock absorbers between two vertebrae which may compress and cause nerves to herniate. It is the one and only way to receive their nutrients. If you have received a good balancing regular asana practice along with ample of forward bends, twists, and backward bends, you will also maintain the disks agile. Yoga is a must do work for the human. It helps you to build your body structure, increase concentration, improve body flexibility and above all, helps to make you fit and healthy enough to enjoy the life happily.