What Not to Wear to Yoga Class

What Not to Wear to Yoga Class
  • Shorts are perfect for sweaty runs, but not for yoga class. You want to feel confident that you're completely covered when doing poses where you're bending forward or sticking your leg in the air. Go for fitted cropped or full-length leggings.
  • Check your pants for holes in the crotch or thinning material. Also avoid light-colored bottoms as these tend to be see-through no matter how thick the fabric is.
  • T-shirts are a definite no-no as they'll just end up falling over your head. And loose tanks might be distracting as well, especially if you're not into letting your belly show.
  • Some tops seem like they fit while you're walking around, but they just don't support your breasts once you start moving.
  • White or light-colored tops are also risky, especially if you know you get pretty sweaty.
  • Although cotton does breathe well, it also gets heavy when wet and doesn't dry quickly.