There are so many options! Here, we'll briefly go through a few to get you started. The best way to go about exercise is to mix it up, and to have fun with it! So, some days, you might play in the park with the kids, go swimming with friends, or just go for a long walk - there doesn't have to be a "Calories Burned" calculator involved for it to count. The Treadmill: Running can seem daunting, and it's not for everyone, but it is a sure-fire way to get your heart rate up and your body sweating. Pros: Versatile, good workout, good for bones, natural body movement Cons: Tough on joints, can be dangerous if too fast, difficult If it's sunny, run outside! Get some fresh air in your lungs and sun on your face. The Elliptical: Our favorite way to workout without feeling like you're doing anything! This is great if you have joint issues. Pros: non-impact, works arms and legs, can go backwards, easier Cons: less range of movement, doesn't strengthen bones the way treadmill does, may not be burning as many calories as is stated on machine The Stationary Bike: Great practice to keep bike skill up in the winter, you can really work up a sweat on the bike - especially if you do spinning! Pros: Great for legs, no-impact, safe Cons: Fewer calories burned (except in spinning), less bone-building, lower body only, butt may hurt after a time Try biking outdoors for something more visually fulfilling with more varied difficulty. Workout DVDs: this is a broad category, but we are trying to be brief! Pros: at home, targets exactly what you want it to, by DVD, take it whatever speed you like Cons: Easy to slack off, easy to forget the DVD when traveling, etc A few examples: P90x - great for strength building, but requires weights Insanity - great for overall fat loss, but very challenging Tracy Anderson - great for general toning, pretty easy to get into, but takes a longer time commitment Jillian Michaels - cheap, very fast (24min workouts), may be difficult This is Yoga - versatile, fun, but doesn't include much calorie burning Crossfit: Boy, do people get crazy about their crossfit! If you want an extremely challenging and rewarding program, get into this. Pros: Muscle building, fat burning, community atmosphere, diet regime Cons: Difficult, may be time-consuming Free Weights: Don't be afraid, get into the weights area with the boys! If you're nervous about where to start, have a 1hr consultation with a trainer. It really helps. Pros: Muscle building, bone strength, body composition improvement, can be at your own pace Cons: one MIGHT think that the main con is getting bulky, but you will not. I repeat: you will not get bulky unless you train really really really hard. People work *very* hard to become bulky, even males, whose bodies are more predisposed to muscle gain, have difficulty. A little strength work will not make you bulky. Swimming: hop in the pool and get your groove on! Pros: Full body workout, no-impact Cons: Difficult to breathe for some, chlorine immersion not exactly healthy Yoga: Get your stretch on! Pros: Can help with strength and flexibility, mood, and is available at all levels Cons: I can't think of any. As a note, let your inflexibility be an excuse TO go, not not to go! Other types of easy exercise: Dancing, intramural sports or club sports, zumba, kettlebells, cardiokickboxing, and anything you can possibly think of! Just sweat it out, without a doubt! If you're planning on getting really sweaty, make sure to wear a sweat-wicking fabric like Supplex! Our Bia Brazil fitness wear is bold and fabulous, Equilibrium Activewear is daring and sexy, and One Step Ahead Yoga Wear is simple and flattering - plus, they're all made with Supplex!