Love the Way You Look

Love the Way You Look
  • Even when you focus on physical appearances, remember that the definition of beauty has been fluid through the ages. To see what era most suits you, sift through various images of beauty as portrayed by different artists.
  • Instead of making hateful comments, try to give your self-talk a more positive or at least a neutral spin, a process known as cognitive restructuring. You might remind yourself that while you’re not physically perfect, you have features that you like or are objectively attractive—such as arms made firm by weight training.
  • Research shows that when women shift from a focus on looks to a focus on function, they feel more positive about their bodies. And exercise is an important tool for making that change.
  • Get rid of your fat and skinny clothes. Instead of pretending you’re about to change size, work with what you have. Identify your best and worst features, then hide or highlight them with your clothes.
  • Maybe you love the way it feels as you swim. Or perhaps you relish the sensation of soil in your hands as you garden or the flush of exertion while you’re dancing. Sensory satisfactions take the emphasis off your appearance and put it on how you experience your body. This enhances your appreciation of your physical self.
  • Feign confidence: Stand tall, with your head high, your shoulders back, and a pleasant expression on your face. Eventually, the feeling will come naturally.