Workout Tips to get a Fit Body
Who doesn’t desire a fit body? Don’t we all envy the models and actors on screen? But we can’t always invest the time and money in hectic gym schedules. We are generally stuck at home, at work or bogged down by academics. A fit body is not only appealing but it is healthy and makes one confident about oneself. The advantages of having a fit body are innumerable. Being fit lets you push your body to its limits without causing any damage. How else do you think the sports persons can endure the rigors? Fit bodies can handle stress more easily. The immune system is strengthened leading to reduced illness and less fatigue. Workout doesn’t mean spending hours stuck at a gym. One can very well plan a workout routine that is brief, effective and doesn’t cut into working time. Take a Walk: Walking by far is the best means of workout. Walk to the grocers or take a walk after dinner. Walk to your office or stroll down the neighborhood. Walking is good for toning the legs and for the lungs as well as for circulation of blood. Housework: Nothing is as good as some housework to get you in shape. Cleaning activities like washing, vacuuming, scrubbing or wiping the floor, works up all the muscles in your body. You can even throw in some push-ups and squats between chores to burn the calories. Dance: Probably the most fun of all exercises. Turn on some groovy music and dance to your heart’s content. No routine, no expensive equipment’s, burning calories was never so much fun. You can even get hold of some Zumba dance videos as it proves to be extremely effective. Play: All of us have one favourite sport. Be it football, badminton or cricket. Sports are a great way to get a fit body. Sports make your muscles stronger and increase your stamina and appetite; toning away the unwanted fat. Enjoy while getting fit. Yoga: We all know the benefits of yoga; an easy, hassle free way to get fit. Take out 15-20 minutes in the morning. It makes you relaxed and more energetic through the day. Freehand: Free hand exercises can be done without a trainer, some basic YouTube tutorials can well guide you. A few dumbbell, some crunches, cardiac and abdomen routines for 20 minutes a day is better than hours at the gym. Cycling: It is now becoming popular in the West to own a bicycle/bike. Riding a bike works better than hours on a gym treadmill. Get yourself a bike or rent one. Drive around town, go to work or pick your kid from school on the bike. Cycling daily keeps your cardiac muscles pumping and thereby tones your abdomen and reduces chances of having an artery blockage. It even reduces pollution and is cost effective. Hiking: If you live in a hilly area, no workout can beat a hike up and down the hills. So, people stop making excuses; get up and get that fit body today!