Fruit Diet Recipes
Have you ever looked at the weighing machine and felt like crying? Or looked at the mirror and regretted? Think about it. Is it because you're not taking in the right thing? Healthy food is not tasty food. That is just a myth. Revitalise your diet plan and yourself with these amazing fruit diet recipes and stay healthy the tasty way! A fruit diet will bestow upon you the blessing of easy digestion, lots of energy and flawless, glowing skin. Include fruits like apples, papayas, pineapples, oranges, bananas and mango in your diet plan and let your mirror smile back at you! 1. Fresh Fruit Salad A healthy and tasty dish in just a few minutes. That's something we'll all love. Ingredients: Choose a variety of fruits, carefully. Make sure the fruits are compatible with each other. Like, cucumber, apple, pineapple and ripe papaya go quite in sync with each other. It is advisable not to mix bananas with them. Method: Cut the fruits into small, attractive pieces and mix them well. Add a bit of olive oil to add to the taste or mix it with some mayonnaise. You're done! Put it inside the refrigerator for a night and allow the flavours to merge and assimilate with one another. You can store it for up to 3-4 days. 2. Tart and Tangy Fresh Food Salad Ingredients: You need Two table spoon of Lemon Juice One Small Apple cut in cubes One Medium Pear cut in cubes One Can of 220g Grapefruit Slices, in Grapefruit Juice One Can of 298g Mandarin Orange Pieces, in Natural Juice Method: Lemon Juice is to be poured into the bowl. Apple, pear and orange are to added to provide a coating of the juice. After that, grape fruit segments v and the mandarin along with ask the juice and gently stirred to mix them. You're almost there! Put it inside the fridge until it is ready to serve. 3. Raita Desserts after a sumptuous meal looks enticing but wouldn't you like it better if you got the taste without the guilt feeling of having a dessert? Hence, Raita! Ingredients: Primary cucumber and curd. However, you can also go for a mixed fruit raita with apples and pineapples. Method: Reduce the density of the curd by repeatedly stirring it with a spoon. Cut the cucumber into your preferable shape and pour the curd onto it. Mix properly. Refrigerate it for some time, till you feel it's perfect to embrace your tongues. A combination of curd and cucumber would help you in proper digestion. And as for the taste- taste it yourself to know! 4. Apple and Strawberry Juice Ingredients: Red Apple, 250 gms of Strawberry and ice cubes. Method: Crush the strawberries and the apple in a mixer juicer until there are no solid particles left, floating on top. Pour the juice into a glass and refrigerate it. For immediate serving purpose, put ice cubes and serve. Strawberries are extremely good for your skin and having this fruit juice regularly will aid you in reaching your goal of having healthy, glowing skin. Also, it is super easy to prepare! 5. Celery, apple and ginger juice Ingredients: Sticks of celery, Granny Smith (Green) apple cut in half, and fresh ginger, peeled and slice. Method: Crush the ingredients and mix properly. Put ginger particles on top of the juice. Ginger contains gingerol, a substance with powerful medical properties. It helps you against nose blockage, nausea, morning sickness and soreness of muscle. It is, indeed an extremely healthy drink. Make your diet plan all the more friendly with these amazing fruit recipes and maintain a healthy living!