Benefits of Yoga
The main focus of yoga is towards the natural tendency of the body toward health and healing. The very purpose of yoga is creating stability, harmony and awareness physically as well as mentally. Practicing yoga has several health benefits that enable a person to lead a healthier lifestyle. Not only will it boost your immunity but also help you feel all the more at ease and relax. Yoga also has the power to prevent and also help you heal from various diseases. It helps you sleep better, protects you from frequent colds and also assists in leading a healthier and a better lifestyle. There are innumerable benefits of yoga to choose from. Some of them are as follows. 1. Enhances flexibility and muscle durability: One of the first and foremost benefits of yoga is improving the flexibility of your body. With regular practice of yoga you will start to notice a gradual loosening of your inflexible muscles and your aches and pains will slowly start to disappear.Flexibility is balanced with strong muscles which are also achieved with yoga practice. It prevents back pains, arthritis and makes you more resistant to pains. 2. Increases blood circulation in the body: Yoga helps in proper blood flow. There are various relaxation exercises in yoga that helps in the blood circulation in areas such as the hands and the feet. Yoga also gets more oxygen into the cells which are highly beneficial in their functioning. Other exercises and yoga poses help get rid of poisonous blood, and enhances the flow of oxygenated blood, boosts the hemoglobin levels enhancing immunity and prevents blood-clots hence minimizing the chances of heart attacks and strokes. 3. Increases bone strength: Bones are the strongest parts of our body as they keep the internal organs protected against external injuries and also aid in various other functions. Taking proper care of one’s bones is of utmost importance. Basic yoga not only soothes tired bones but also promotes good bone heath. Meditation helps in maintaining one’s posture which is highly beneficial for maintaining good and healthy bones. Practicing yoga also builds bone density and reverses the severe effects of osteoporosis during middle age. It also lubricates the joints and prevents bones from weakening during old age. 4. Helps you relax and focus: In a fast-paced life, yoga helps you catch your breath, relax and focus on the present. It calms your nerves and restores your balance, lowers your heart rates and breathing and decreases blood pressure. Studies have claimed that regular yoga practice enhances your memory, improves co-ordination, and even boosts your IQ. 5. Gives you mental peace and makes you happy: Yoga helps you overcome stressful mental conditions like regret, fear, frustration, anxiety and anger hence making you happier.Hence, various stress related problems like migraines, insomnia, high blood pressure, eczema and the like can be prevented if the mind is quiet and at peace. There are various other benefits that the world of yoga has to offer. It boosts your self-esteem levels, soothes pain, enhances your inner strength, and encourages you to take proper care of yourself by creating self-awareness and the like. For leading a healthy and happy life, regular practice of yoga is highly recommended.