Does Skipping Breakfast Cause Weight Gain?
Today, the trend of maintaining a slim figure has become more important to us than eating healthy. While traditional wisdom advises us to have a “breakfast like a king”, health experts and nutritionists are worried about the fact that some of us “forget” to eat before leaving for college and work. The cause of this phenomenon, aka “anorexia nervosa”, is to lose those extra pounds as soon as possible. Little are we aware of the disastrous consequences at the cost of working on an empty stomach that ends up in piling up even more kilos than needed. Research and studies have shown that those who consume breakfast are less likely to suffer from obesity, as compared to those who don’t. The reason for this is simple as our system burns up the calories in the course of our work, resulting in a negligible amount of storage. However, one who starves himself in the morning binge-eats at lunch, thus gaining even more calories. It is also claimed by dieticians that those consume more food at lunch develop a craving for sugary and fatty foods, and that is detrimental to our weight loss regime. It is also a myth that one should survive only on salads and juices for breakfast. Nothing could be more harmful than stressing it out at work without consuming an adequate and wholesome diet. After a period of time, the body shuts down our metabolism in order to conserve energy and starts to store it as fat. Are there any pros of such a diet plan? Okay, you can lose more weight than a regular diet, but at the cost of lethargy, lack of concentration, to name a few; people may find your skinniness attractive and it might help to build your self-image. But, of course, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Concluding this woebegone struggle against weight loss are some simple solutions which are effective, and require nothing more than a good look at your breakfast table. Tips: a) Opt for green tea rather than coffee to start your day with vitamins and anti-oxidants. b) Eat a filling breakfast such as parathas, cereal with milk and sliced fruits or even simple home-style roti-sabzi. c) You can try green tea instead of coffee or protein shakes to wake you up. Studies have found that a cup of green tea appeared to raise the rate at which you burn calories and speed the rate at which your body uses fat. d)Preferably everything should be homemade – starting from yoghurt, granola, cereal and even fruit and vegetable juices. They are natural, with no preservatives of any sort, and you can enjoy them anytime. e) The importance of fibre in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables cannot be stressed upon enough. f) Water is as important as food, and so is light exercise. Drink at least eight glasses of water and practice some yoga after a glass of honey, lemon and water. g) You can treat yourself to a bowl of fruits for dessert drizzled with honey and nuts. It may not be yummier than candy, but they are definitely cheaper, and needless to mention, more nutritious than them. I hope I have been able to clear out your doubts regarding a healthy breakfast for a healthy weight and body image. All the best!