Bones are said to be the strongest part of one’s body as they help in supporting and protecting the various organs of the body, along with many other functions. Being such a vital part of ourselves, it’s always considered a good option to protect against bone diseases by taking proper care of our bones. For untold centuries, the practice of yoga is considered to be the panacea in building strength and balance along with maximising stability and safety; similarly, one can always follow some basic exercises which would not just be therapeutic for their tired bones but promote good bone health as well. 1. A Completely Natural Solution The tradition of yoga goes centuries back, when men relied only on the power of meditation to gain physical and mental health. Completely devoid of any medication, this powerful medicine helps one to achieve a better posture, improved balance, enhanced coordination and higher strength which are, in fact, very imperative for proper maintenances of one’s bone health. Being a natural cure, yoga goes to the root of the problem and cures the patient from inside without any side effects which may generally be possible in modern drugs. 2. Helps in the Prevention and Cure of Bone Ailments Yoga being derived from the goodness of Mother Nature, not everyone knows that practicing it helps build one’s bone density and reverses the effects of osteoporosis in middle age. One who is a practitioner of yoga never fears any ailment as he is a true believer in its powers of providing long-term relief. Yoga experts emphasize that correct yoga positions stress the bones by applying resistance leading to the stimulation of bone cell formation. The practice of yoga also helps in lubricating our joints and prevents pain and degeneration of our bones in old age. It also helps in the circulation of synovial fluid, which is beneficial for those suffering from arthritis. A study in 2011 has revealed that doing a couple of exercises for just twelve minutes daily can even help maintain calcium, an extremely important ingredient for one’s bones. This incredible fact only underlines the importance of yoga that goes way beyond the physical consumption of calcium and vitamin D. Yoga is said to be valuable for a good posture, as well as for healing back malformations. A poor posture can lead to lower back pain. For general spine health, one can find many simple yoga positions that take almost no time and effort but do us a world of good in the long run. 3. The First Step to Health It is essential to find an experienced teacher for one’s fitness routine as yoga involves a number of positions which need to be performed accurately. Always focus on safety and be sure to discuss any issues with the trainer beforehand so as to protect yourself against any injuries. Going through the number of available options, one will have a number of yoga positions to choose from - vrksasana, utkatasana and setu bandha sarvagasana, all of which target a specific problem. However, it’s always best to have a thorough knowledge of one’s own body and the science behind yoga before attempting any position on your own. Therefore, we must understand the importance of yoga in promoting good bone health so that we may be able to live a healthy life to a ripe old age.