Healthy Benefits of Meditation

Healthy Benefits of  Meditation
People must have told you that meditation is good for your health. But one often wonders if there is any actual scientific proof of the benefits of meditation. There are specific meditation techniques for specific effects. But any authentic meditation is bound to cover most of the benefits. Studies indicate that practicing 20 minutes of meditation each day for a couple of weeks are enough for you to notice its beneficial effects. So what exactly are its benefits? Tougher genes: Scientists have found that people practicing meditation had more “disease fighting genes” compared to others. It builds genes that protects from disorders such as pain, high blood pressure arthritis, etc. The relaxation effect of meditation works better than drugs. Research show how these genes can even kill cancer cells. Increased immunity: Meditation has been proven to boost immunity in cancer patients. Meditation when practiced daily tends to reduce chances of breast cancer. Meditation activates natural killer cells in the body, even of elderly persons, giving them much needed resistance to tumours and viruses. Emotional balance: Emotional balance refers to a state of mind when one’s mind is completely free of any tormenting physical or mental stimuli. It is a very hard state to achieve. Meditation is a way to cure such unhealthy emotional states, freeing the mind of its neurotic state. As the consciousness is cleaned of turmoil and negative emotions, there is achieved a simultaneous physical release of stress as well. Meditating at least once a day makes the mind and body stress free which in turn keeps the body healthy. Relief from bowel problems: Many people tend to suffer from various bowel problems. Practicing meditation daily tends to cure problems like bloating, diarrhea, constipation etc. Many physicians recommend meditation instead of medication to people with bowel problems. Low blood pressure: It is common knowledge that relaxation tends to stabilize blood pressure. Meditation lowers the blood pressure by making the body less responsive to stress causing hormones, doing the work of medicines. It results in formation of nitric acid which opens up the blood vessels. Patients suffering from high blood pressure are recommended to practice meditation. Reduced inflammation: Stress often leads to inflammation. Inflammation is a state linked to heart diseases, arthritis, and asthma and skin diseases like psoriasis. Meditation helps prevent and cure these symptoms by switching off the body’s response to stress. Meditation has been clinically proven to have reduced and sometimes cured such symptoms. Increase in life span: A substance called telomeres is an important part of our cell and it affects how our cells age. There are data suggesting that meditation may have positive effects on telomeres length by reducing cognitive stress and stress arousal and creating a positive state of mind which promotes telomere maintenance. In a nutshell, science confirms the facts that yogis have been telling us through the years. Daily meditation will keep you healthy, prevent diseases, make you cheerful and improve your performance in any task be it mental or physical.