Essential Weight loss Fitness Tips for Moms
It's not easy for a mother to do everything. Still they do. This is one of the reasons why they are called heroes. It's not easy for working mothers in a generation like this to maintain their weight and physique after all their chores indoors as well as outdoors. Especially it is very difficult to stay fit for a mother of two in her mid-forties. However, every mother needs to evolve herself into a super-woman as she needs to maintain a perfect balance and fulfil the needs of everyone at home as well as in her workplace. It is therefore an absolute necessity for her to stay fit in order to keep fit. Listed below are some helpful tips for that every mom can follow for a healthy and fit body: 1. Have 1tsp of honey and a slice of lemon every morning. This will help you in reducing your fat. Or you can have green tea. (The taste is not very good though) 2. Have a good breakfast with a lot of fruits. Have a light dinner with lesser amounts of rice. 3. Have at least a cup of milk or a bowl of yoghurt and an egg and at least two fruits a day. 3. If your workplace is near, you could take a walk or cycle your way. 4. After waking up in the morning you can at least do 30 minutes of Yoga. It will help you in concentrating on your work other than providing positive energy. 5. Have lots of water every day. It keeps your skin clean, helps in burning excess of fat and increases your metabolic rate. 6. Junk food is irresistible. But you need to avoid them as much as possible or have them in very small amounts. 7. Instead of gorging on oily and spicy food from roadside stalls, try making them at home. Homemade food contains lesser amount of oil and is healthier. 8. Cleaning is just another form of exercise. It helps in improving your muscles. So keep doing it since women don't even panic before cleaning their rooms. 9. You should start playing. Anything you like/liked. Be it Badminton or Table Tennis, Tennis, football, cricket etc. 10. You should hit the pool at least once every week during your summer vacations. It’s relaxing and a good exercise at the same time. 11. There are many trekking foundations. You can join them and go on trips arranged by them along with your family. Adventure, fun and staying fit: a package all in one! 12. If you can take some time out from your busy schedule, hit the gym once in a week. 13. Stop devoting all your time to work. Take out time for yourself and do the mentioned things for your own wellness. By the forties, women have a tendency to gain weight. And ultimately become obese. They often suffer from diabetes. Staying fit and healthy would help you to stay active even when you are in your 60s. It would help you to stay away from diseases. Who says you can no longer get a sexy physique like Victoria Beckham? Live and take care and amaze everyone by getting back to the same woman you were 20 years back, and your kids would follow your footsteps.