Almost half of the population of this world craves for a really great and fit figure. Movies and models just add to that desire and in the end the only thing that seems to be of major concern is that we don't have what we want. We don't have that figure. Apart from just wanting to look good it's essential that one must keep fit and healthy, because a fit body is what keeps diseases at bay. It's only obvious that there are a lot of ways that one can follow to develop and maintain a fit body. Yet, each of them have their very own pros and promise to give you a healthy and fit body if they can be followed religiously.  It's an extensively believed myth that one must work day in and day out at the gym to keep healthy and fit. Yet, it's not the only way to attend your goal. Following this a lot of trends have been catching up. Here's naming the top fitness trends of 2016. Wearable technology The best part about wearable technology is that it's hassle-free, sweat-free and extremely convenient. For all those who hate the idea of going to the gym, wearable technology is the answer. Fitness trackers, smart watches and heart rate monitors provide immediate feedback and keep people aware of their level of actions. It is the fastest developing trend of 2016. Body weight training and strength training 'Strong' is a very important factor of the year 2016 and people work extensively to develop their strength. Starting from compound exercises that include crunches, pushups, pull-ups till lunges, people give a great deal of attention to these particular workouts. High intensity interval training  It's basically an amped-up form of cardio done in a short span of time. With the incentive of the break, people tend to pack in a lot more exercise which in turn is more effective. CrossFit CrossFit classes combine various forms of workouts, body-weight training, strength-training and high intensity interval training. It is only natural that it's more than just affective. Getting personal Personal training is not new to the world of gym. But it's definitely gaining popularity. For most people believe that getting a fit and beautiful body is a long term goal. Yoga Even though yoga isn't as popular an option as it used to be it still has a massive hold over a large set of people. Yoga isn't just about keeping fit physically. It is on a mental and spiritual level as well. Aerial aerobatics Even though this isn't appropriate for all those who are scared of heights. Aerial aerobatics has become quite a trend simply because of the fact that it's exciting and people find it fun. For all those who can practice it, it is indeed beneficial. Side jackknives A lot of people have this addition to their gym routine which is basically the reason why it's such a trend. Almost, every gym instructor speaks of its perks and people probably aren't even aware that they perform it. It has gained enough ground to be one of the leading trends. Functional enough? This simply is about training around daily activities, from carrying your kids up a flight of stairs to lifting the suit case on to a high platform. Because this is what everyone has to do anyway, why not work out along with it. Given how important being fit is to people of the present age. Fitness trends are forever changing and gaining ground.  For every individual - being fit is a compulsory part of the back of their mind. Every single way of working out no matter how unusual it is - has its own perks and people take their pick according to which they are most comfortable.  For ultimately the aim is to remain fit and remain happy.