Latest Workout Trends this Year

Latest Workout Trends this Year
We all know today how important workouts are. Experts around the world try to discover newer ways to stay fit. They design workouts that will address all the issues and are not time consuming given the fast life this generation leads. It is always advised that an individual choose a routine that suits them best. At the same time upgrade their workout game every year, as new workout trends come up. Some of the workout trends that are hot this year are detailed below.
  1. PXT:
This new kid on the block is designed for the fat generation. It is a 60 minute power packed session. This workout mixes some yoga with high rate cardio exercises, training for strength, some ore work and overall to enhance the body’s conditioning and strength. It is being preferred as it burns a lot of calories in 60 minutes. The basic yoga is done at first, to prepare and warm up your body. That is followed by strength building routines like core ball and weights. The exercises are done one after another in order of toughness. The whole session is rounded off with some cooling yoga asana.  
  1. Xtend barre:
This is a fun sort of workout that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. It has elements of ballet, Pilates and dance. Many famous workout studios are adopting this workout trend which, as word has it, celebrities are adopting too. You need to find a high end trainer and gym to practice this exercise trend as small gyms are likely not to be aware of the details of this workout. The classes based on the barre style of training are intensive sessions. If you are looking to shape up your body this is the workout for it.  
  1. Physique 57:
Cardio routines blended with stretching and strength training routines this one is for workout freaks. The people who are interested in getting some lean, smooth muscles should try this barre based workout schedule. The workout is extreme and will leave your body sore. Beginners shouldn’t try this. The results are instant almost and after a few sessions of burning you will get that perfect body for sure.  
  1. Lyon’s den:
This is a routine that has been designed by the Lyon’s den studio. This is basically a type of yoga, known as vinyasa yoga. These power yoga classes are aimed towards building flexibility, balance and strength. As you do the powerful yoga poses to amazing music you will feel your body loosen up.  This yoga had been created for dancers.  
  1. Power yoga:
Yoga seems to be everyone’s favorite this season. Power yoga is done in rooms that are heated to temperatures like 96-98 degrees with contemporary music on the playlist. Not a boring yoga session at all, this one is too much fun. This exercise will leave you refreshed and energized after a long day. Also, slim while you sweat. The perks of trying out the new workouts are many. Firstly they are need and type specific. Categorized into extreme and easy, they address a number of factors like strength building, slimming and flexibility.