Health and fitness is not just about exercising or working out but also about eating right. If you eat a jumbo size burger right after spending four hours in the gym, it doesn’t really help your body. A diet plan can help you intake the healthy food required for staying fit and healthy. Given below is one such plan. You can follow this or choose one that suits you by consulting a dietician. Monday: Breakfast- 50 grams oats mixed with some low fat milk. You can add honey instead of sugar and a glass of orange or apple juice, about 300ml. Snack- 200 grams of yogurt (the low fat variant). Add to it some berries (like blueberries or cranberries) and some dry fruits (walnuts). Lunch- take a nice lean chicken breast. Grill it and shred it into tiny pieces to make it into a salad. Have it with some whole wheat bread. Snack- you can have any fruit or berry smoothie. Dinner- tuna or salmon steak with some green vegetables like sprouts, green beans and about 80 grams of brown rice. Tuesday: Breakfast- blend 200ml low fat milk and bananas. Snack- Have some yogurt with honey and berries. Lunch- salmon salad with whole wheat bread. You can drink a glass of low fat milk with it. Snack-berries and nuts. Dinner-make some salad with avocado and have a chicken steak with it. Wednesday: Breakfast-smoothie as recommended before. You can change the fruit. Snack-bits of fish like mackerel (100g) with toast. Lunch-grilled chicken and fresh green veggie salad with a fruit and bread. Snack-raisins and nuts. Dinner- fish steak with lettuce salad. You can grill some tomatoes to go with it. Thursday: Breakfast- three scrambled eggs with some slices of wholegrain bread toast. Snack-yogurt with granola. Put in nuts and raisins. Lunch-one cup of walnuts with a whey protein shake with fruits like strawberries and blackberries. Snack-150 grams of fat free cottage cheese with slices of pineapple. Dinner- tofu salad with rocket lettuce, grilled tomatoes, avocadoes and some potatoes. Friday: Breakfast- combine about 50 grams of oats, 200 ml of low fat milk. You can put some honey for sweetness. Snack-dice about 8-9 baby radishes into tiny pieces and soak them overnight in vinaigrette made with balsamic vinegar. Lunch-a can of fresh mackerel with a vegetable and a bowl of fat free yogurt. Snack-fruit and whey protein smoothie. Dinner-100g brown rice with chicken kebabs and grilled pepper. Saturday: Breakfast- double egg omelets with some parmesan or cheddar. Snack- fruit smoothie preferably with a cup each of bananas and apples. Lunch- fresh sardine salad (about 100g) with whole wheat toast. Snack- carrot sticks with a healthy dip. Dinner-grilled chicken breast with grilled asparagus and some boiled rice. Sunday: Breakfast-Three scrambled eggs on toast. Snack- nuts and fruits. Lunch- salmon sandwich with a grapefruit. Snack-smoothie with whey protein and berries. Dinner-chicken steak with green beans and an avocado. Repeat this routine for four weeks and you will be stunned at the results it produces.