Why is Fitness and Sports Important for a Healthy Body and Mind?
It is a universally acknowledged fact that a healthy body is a healthy mind. When you talk about a person being "fit", you're not referring to just physical fitness; you're referring to his mental state of wellbeing as well. Until and unless a person is mentally fit, he cannot be declared "healthy" in the true sense of the term. If your body isn't functioning properly, you are likely to be mentally unwell or even troubled. Why do you think someone suffering from depression is asked to take up a sport as a hobby? Regular fitness activities will enhance both your mental and physical health. It Regulates Your Brain Activity Fitness activities will improve your brain function, and we all know that's important for mental health. Take up a sport, like basketball, and stick to it. Most of us have a tendency to give up after a few days. Indulging in sports will improve blood circulation to your brain; and let's not forget, your mental health is directly related to how your brain functions. It Keeps You Young Age is just a number, isn't it? How old you actually are, has absolutely nothing to do with how old you feel. You feel like a twenty year old? Then who's to say you're not? And physical fitness helps with that. Studies have shown that a person who indulges in regular physical activities like walking or cycling is likely to feel younger than a person who leads a stagnant and stationary lifestyle. Happiness Is Physical Fitness Have you noticed that glow on a person's face after he comes back from a walk? That is the glow of pure happiness. You don't know what true happiness is unless you've felt that unadulterated bliss! Feeling a bit blue lately? Then why don't you put on your sneakers and go for a jog first thing in the morning? Yes, stepping out of the house seems impossible on such days, but once you do, you're bound to feel better. The Idle Mind is a Devil's Workshop You need to keep yourself busy and engaged in some activity or the other to stay happy. It is essential to pay attention to your own needs, which is the only mantra for happiness. You need to find ways to entertain yourself, and sports can help you with that.  Trials and tribulations cannot be avoided, but you need to come up with innovative ways of diverting your attention. So the next time you feel burdened by pressure, or feel tired of your monotonous life, simply plug in your headphones and be on your way. Stop making excuses, and take the first step towards staying fit.   Why do you think doctors across the world are advising their patients to engage themselves in sports and other physical fitness activities? As a matter of fact, such activities are an integral part of therapy as well!  Most therapists are today advising the patients to engage themselves in sports or similar activities instead of prescribing drugs which could potentially have side effects.