What to Wear for Hot Yoga

What to Wear for Hot Yoga
Hot Yoga is a combination of postures carried out under warm and humid conditions. A session can last between 60 - 90 minutes under high temperatures that range from 88° - 102° F (30 - 40° C) sure that is hot! These classes are superb for detoxifying your body as the higher temperatures help you perspire more. If you are new to hot yoga or better known as Bikram Yoga it can be a bit scary as you are going to feel sticky with a group of strangers and can turn one off. However, once you get past the sweat factor the classes provide you with the best workout ever. Attending Your First Class – What to wear to your Hot Yoga It’s your first time – oh yeah baby, however, what do you need to take with you and what to wear to Hot Yoga! What to bring Unlike your traditional yoga, this form of exercise requires more accessories to make your workout an enjoyable one. Take a big bottle of water to keep your body hydrated while stretching. Take your own yoga mat preferably a slip less towel yoga one. This helps to keep the mat and you in place while practicing. Take a small towel for your face and neck not required, but great to wipe off the sweat. Furthermore, pack an extra towel for taking a shower afterward. What to wear to Hot Yoga Some prefer to wear their normal yoga outfits made from sweat-wicking materials. Stay clear of baggy outfits! Moreover, do not buy clothing made of cotton, as they become a nuisance and cotton traps sweat. Feel comfortable with a short sleeve top and short pants as you are going to sweat allot. Look at something like Yoga Capris and for the girls a tight fitting, comfortable bra or tank top. In addition, for the men, their shorts should fit tight to their body and they can wear a shirt or lose them during the workout. Spandex clothing is a great alternative as well. They are lightweight while sweat-wicking fabrics push the sweat to the surface of the clothing making your body cool down. What not to wear to Hot Yoga
  •          Do not take jewelry with you to your Hot Yoga room and leave them at home – as the temperatures are a bit on the high side some jewelry will only become an irritation,
  •          For those with long hair pull it back into a ponytail, bun or braid as it prevents your hair covering your face, and
  •          And ladies leave the makeup for after the class as some smear and melt in high temperatures,
Some other items you can wear to Hot Yoga
  •          Take an extra set of clothing to change after the session – as you are going to be bare feet there will be safe places to keep your shoes,
  •          Buy yourself a yoga bag or strap to carry your mat around with as this helps to prevent it from unraveling,
  •          Take an extra towel to place on your mat if you prefer this also helps you from slipping around,
  •          Another great option is to get yourself some yoga socks as well this also helps to prevent slippage,
Final Thoughts Do not feel intimidated as you are only going to benefit from partaking in the Hot Yoga classes. It is not a competition related to what to wear to Hot Yoga and more how comfortable you are going to feel while exercising. Drinks loads of water before your classes to keep your body hydrated. Eat a snack that includes a fruit at least an hour before your class. This will boost your energy levels. Stay close to the door at class it is cooler and breathes deeply and most importantly have some fun.